Questions, questions, questions...

We hope this section will be able to answer any and all of the questions you have. If we don't answer the question you may have please email the director of the camp you're attending. You can find this in our camps section.

My child has never been to camp before, what should they bring?

Camp is a solid week of fun so you will want to be fully prepared for the week ahead. As wonderful as the weather can be on beautiful Vancouver Island it can also be somewhat unpredictable so here are some things we suggest you bring and don't bring to camp.

  • Bible & Journal
  • Money for Canteen! (Highs only, 2x a day, hot food available at night)
  • Clothes for the week (You will be running around lots!)
  • Toiletries (quarters for showers)
  • Team Jersey's from last year if you're returning!
  • Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Sheet for mattress
  • Beach Towel and Swim Suit (Modest Attire Only)
  • Hats/sunscreen
  • Athletic Clothing
  • Extra Shoes (Running Shoes)/Cleats for Highs Camp (suggestion not mandatory)
  • Warm Jacket / Rain Jacket
  • Quarters for Showers. (Some showers are free)
  • Themed clothing for after party (Highs Camp)


Don't Bring: 

  • Expensive Electronics
  • Video Games
  • Expensive Jewlery


The Camp is not liable for any jewlery, cell phones or small devices that you bring to camp. You have other people in your cabin and doors remain unlocked. Please be advised and be careful with what you bring. Plus, you'll be having way too much fun to be playing any video games anyways! We want you to be able to take photos and document the awesome week you have at camp but your cell phones are not allowed to be used in cabins or in washrooms. Any use deemed inappropriate by staff, gives NBC permission to confiscate the cell phone and return it to the camper at the end of the week. 

Please give your head a check for lice a week prior to coming to camp.  This way you will have time to start treatment and not miss any fun time at camp.

Am I able to rent the facility for a small church group retreat? 

Absolutely! The camp is available spring, summer & fall and would love to play host for your retreat, conference or getaway. Click facilities-renting to find our rental agreement, pricing and contact information. 

How do I register my child for camp? 

If you click camps  then click on the specific camp (kids, mids, highs) you plan on registering for, scroll about halfway down and click "Click here to Register". This will lead you to a new easy to follow page with the registration form for the camp you selected. 

How much will camp cost me?

Prices vary on each camp, check out our camps page on early-bird rates, regular rates and late rates to see how much each camp will cost. As you go register the final price will be different as there are some fees as well as GST. But don't worry... at the final price our camp is still the cheapest on the island. 

Have the ages changed for Camp? 

The ages slightly changed last year in our middle school camp and kids camp and are now reflective on the appropriate stages of life students are at. We value each and every student and we know maturity comes in all forms but the age group we have now best represents the stage of life each kids is going through.

Are the grades listed for each camp the grade that the student is in currently or will be in, in September?

Good Question! That can be confusing. Camps are listed for the grades the student will be going into for September. We want to help transition students to where they will be headed into the fall and this is one way we do that. For example: If your Son is in grade 5 he would sign up for Mids camp as he will be going into grade 6. 

After camp is over ... 

Please note that lost or forgotten items will only be held for 1 month after the end of your child's camp.  If not picked up prior to that, items will be disposed of by the camp staff. 

How can I pay my event fees? 

Need to pay your event fees? Click the button below to pay online.  But just a reminder that Registration is not complete until fees are paid.  Any delay in paying camp fees may result in an increase in cost due to registration cut off periods.