COVID-19 UPDATE July 11, 2020:    Greetings to all our faithful supporters and camp enthusiasts. Thank you for your prayers and support for Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp.

With the loss of our camps NBPC is depending on your generous donations to help with our ongoing expenses. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $25.00.

 Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp Covid-19 protocol.

1. If you are sick, self isolating or have symptoms common with Covid-19 you are not permitted to be on the grounds of NBPC.

2. Maintain 2 meters distance in all areas of the camp.

3. If conversation is needed with office staff:

a.           The primary form of communications is with a cell phone, either call or text the duty number posted on the office door.

b.          If staff is in the office tap the window of the office to get the attention of staff.

c.            Open the office door but do not enter, speak from the door.

d.          When finished back away from the door while closing it.

e.           Leave the area in front of the office.

f.             Office staff will sanitize the touched areas.

4. Do not congregate around the office area, it must be kept clear at all times.

5. Cabin rentals:

a.        Cabins require a minimum of 3 nights rental.

b.       Cabins will only be occupied by people living under the same roof, verification may be requested. Any government issued identification may be used if it contains your home address.

c.       Visitors are not permitted in the cabins.

d.      Put all garbage in a bag and place it outside of the door.

e.      Notify staff you are ready to leave, and they will do a walk through of the cabin 3 hours after you vacate.

f.        The cabin will be closed for 72 hours before it can be restocked and used again.

6. The Lodge:

a.      Maximum capacity is reduced to 25.

b.        If using the kitchen face masks must be worn at all times because social distancing is difficult to maintain in the kitchen.

c.         Hand sanitizer must be applied each time a person enters the Lodge. The group is responsible to supply the hand sanitizer and detail people to stand at the door issuing the hand sanitizer.

d.        The rental group must appoint one person to sanitize all touch points including door handles several times per day.

e.        When vacating the Lodge ensure all garbage etc. is in tied garbage bags and placed outside the door. All tea towels, cloths etc. are to be placed in a garbage bag and left in front of the office.

f.        The lodge will be inspected 3 hours after you vacate it.

7.   Tent and non serviced sites will be assigned providing adiquate social distanceing.

8.  Washrooms will be sanitized twice a day or as needed.

9. We will not be renting other buildings at this time.