The following is a copy of an email received at the Camp Office.  What an amazing group of people who have been part of "Camp" for many years.


"We will not be coming in August, nor in future years. The time has come to turn a new leaf in the life of our Church congregations.

We have greatly enjoyed having been able to come to Nanoose Bay Camp year after year for over 30 years. Personally, with my wife, I have been at almost every Camp since 2002, but there are many who have been there for most of those 30+ years, and a few who have been at every camp.

On behalf of our Church congregations in Campbell River, Vancouver, and Astoria Oregon, as well as attendees from many BC mainland and island locations, I want to thank you for the open door that has been there for us, and the helpfulness of camp staff and those behind the scenes including yourself.

Those camps will remain cherished in our memories, and we consider them to have been the highlights of each year for members of our congregations and many attendees from outside of them. At all of the camp meetings without fail we have received the Lord's refreshing and blessings. So they will be missed.

Thank you for making a difference in our lives through the camp. We would be pleased if you were to convey our gratitude to all involved. May the Lord bless all involved in operating and administering and supporting the camp."

Very sincerely,

Markku Murtonen